CRU Raleigh

If you enjoy playing SpikeBall and want to meet some new people in CRU, then join one of our SpikeBall leagues !   We have both  fall & spring leagues where basically, we gather all the teams that sign up and create leagues. We will have both Competitive (7 week) and Rec (5 week) leagues.  Each week, you and your partner contact the other team you are scheduled to play and work out a time and place to play during that week.  After you have played, the winning team will report the scores here on the CRU App.  You can sign up with a partner or we can assign you one.  It's really pretty easy and has has been a ton of fun and a great way to meet new people.  Registrations for the Fall leagues are currently closed but we may open a second 5wk Rec leagues later on in the semester.