CRU Raleigh


We are having another CRU Spikeball League this Spring  (Mar - Apr) and you can sign up for it below.  Basically, we will gather all the teams that sign up and create leagues that will play for 7 weeks.  You and your partner will contact the other team and work out a time to play during the week.  After you have played you will report your scores.  You will be playing  the best 3 out of 5 games to 21.  You can sign up with a partner or we can assign you one.   When the season is over, we will rank the teams and have a huge tournament.  We will email you more details after you sign up.

Register HERE



I have a some of the Dri-Fit CRU Sports Shirts for sale ($18) if you're interested.  I have Long Sleeve XL in all three colors (Red, Black, White); 2 LARGE Long Sleeve Black Shirts, and 2 XLarge Short Slleve Red Shirts.  You can Venmo $18 to @CHTShirts with your size and I will get up with you about geting it to you.