CRU Raleigh

Prayer Requests

We want prayer to be the backbone of ministry here at CRU and we know that prayer works.  If you would like us to pray for something going on in your life, feel free to click on the link above and let us know.  We meet together on Mondays to pray for our campus, our country, and our world and we would love to pray for you.  

Monday Zoom Prayer

Our vision as the prayer team is to respond to God through dependent prayer that transforms community. Instead of large social gatherings, we are praying that you will join us as we trust God to transform us through talking to Him together. So put on your comfies and join us for a weekly zoom call with your friends...a time to connect, pray for one another, and be challenged. Mark your calendars for every Monday at 5pm. To stay in the loop, please follow this link to join the GROUPME.