CRU Raleigh

Move-In Volunteers

Every year, we (CRU) have served the incoming freshmen by volunteering with on-campus move-in.  As of now, the main Move-In dates will be Thurs, Aug 11 - Sat Aug 13.  Although last fall we were not able to actually help people carry stuff to their rooms, it looks like this year, we will be able to help so we need as many volunteers as we can get.   This is also a great way to advertise CRU to incoming freshmen using our red CRU Move-In T-shirts.  If you help for at least one  3hr slot, you will get a free T-shirt.  Shifts will be 3 hours long on those three days.   The University is really counting on us to come out and help so please sign up for multiple slots if possible.   There a large number of spots needed each day so please consider signing up for multiple time slots.  Everyone wanting to volunteer MUST sign up through the University website (below).  They will email you more details closer to the time.   Read below for more details and what to expect.  Pleae grab some friends and sign up !!!


More about Volunteering ...

-We are asking all CRU volunteers to wear a red CRU Move-In shirt while helping
-Read below on getting a red CRU Move-In shirt
-Move-In will be over 3 "Main" days (Aug 11 - 13)
-Volunteer shifts are  from 8am - 11am; 11am - 2pm; 2pm - 5pm each day
-All dorms will be receiving students during those days

Red CRU Move-In shirts

We are asking all CRU Volunteers to wear a CRU Move-In shirt.  We are giving these out to volunteers that sign up for at least one 3 hour shift.  If you do not have one, click on the link below and text Todd and he will text you back about getting one to you.