Move-In Volunteers


Every year, we (CRU) have served the University and the incoming freshmen by volunteering with on-campus move-in.  As of now, the main Move-In dates will be Thurs, Aug 15  - Sat Aug 17.  Last year was a lot of fun so we need even more volunteers this year.   This is also a great way to let the incoming freshmen know about CRU by wearing our red CRU Move-In T-shirts .  If you help for at least two 3hr slots, you will get a free T-shirt.  Shifts will be 3 hours long on Thurs - Sat.   The University is really counting on us to come out and help so please sign up for multiple slots if possible.   There a large number of spots needed each day so please consider signing up for multiple time slots & multiple days.  

More about Volunteering ...

-We are asking all CRU volunteers to wear a red CRU Move-In shirt while helping
-Read below on how to get a CRU Move-In shirt
-Move-In will be over 3 "Main" days (Aug 15-17)
-Volunteer shifts are  from 7:30-10:45; 10:30-1:45; and 1:30-4:45 each day
-All dorms will be receiving students during those days

Red CRU Move-In shirts

We are asking all CRU Volunteers to wear a CRU Move-In shirt.  We are giving these out to volunteers that sign up for at least two 3 hour shifts.  If you don't have one, we will have a table in Talley during Move-In days and will be handing them out.   If you are a leader, you will get one at the Leaders Retreat.

What to expect...

  • We will be on NC State's campus helping incoming freshmen move in
  • When signing up, you will pick an area of campus to help on
  • Each time slot you sign up for is approx 3hrs long
  • As we get closer, you will get an email with your specific role
  • You will need to wear your red CRU move-in shirt
  • We will also email you specific dir & instr for where you are helping
  • Thanks a ton for serving !!