CRU Raleigh


Next CRU GL Large Group - Tues, Feb 18th; 7:30pm  DG House

If you are in a social fraternity or sorority (IFC/Panhellenic) here at NC State then we want to let you know about CRU Greek Life.  We exist to help encourage and challenge Christians to grow in their walks with Christ in the context of being in the Greek system.  Meet other Greeks that are having an impact for Christ in their fraternity or sorority.  Most chapters already have a small group going that you can be a part of.  We also have monthly larger group meetings where all greeks can come  and hear from an alum and hear about other opportunities coming up just for those in the greek system.  There is also a Greek Winter Conference in Dec and there are 2 summer mission trips that will pull in greeks from schools all over the country.  We hope you will be able to come and be apart of what we're doing here at NC State.  For more information, you can text Carson Rosser or Marion Dewar.

Greek Summit: Breckenridge CO (May 13 - 30)

Greek Summit: Destin FL (May 7 - 22)