CRU Raleigh

Costume / Dance Party

Get ready to have some Halloween fun !  We are having our annual Costume/Dance party on Fri night, Oct 29th from 9:00 - 11:00 in downtown Raleigh at Hosea Church.  Dress up in a creative costume and get ready to dance. Cost is $3 to get in. 

WHEN - Fri, Oct 29  9:00-11:00pm
WHERE - 117 West St (Hosea Church) Downtown
COST - $3
PARKING - Not all parking in downtown is "Free after 5".  Be sure to make sure you are parking in a spot so you wont get a ticket.  There are nearby parking decks as well as street parking.  Also, be sure not to walk alone as you are in downtown Raleigh.  
MASKS - Since there will be a lot of us indoors jumping around and the mask mandate is still on, we would ask that you try to incorporate a mask into your costume.  Thanks